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About Us

Forever Savage has provided high end leather and fur products to our clients delivering custom leather tailoring, repair and reconditioning for over 40 years. We offer high end and hard to find functional leather solutions that offer fashion and serice to our client base.


Our story is typical of the American Dream.  Frederick A. Bellows Jr. and Mayana Bellows were about to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary when they had decided for the 3rd time to go for it all and start their own business.  It was a modest beginning, a $50.00 investment that filled two boxes with leather products.  A local flea market named Jolly Cholly's over on Rt 1 in North Attleborough was the beginning of their journey meeting people and selling leather since 1975. On May 1st of 2015 May Bellows will be moving Bellows Leather to Emerald Square Mall which is not even mere 2 miles from where she sold her first custom made leather wallet with Fred.  
She is celebrating her 40th anniversary in business for herself and is expanding into 7500 square feet on the first floor.  Today she is far beyond two boxes.  The line includes, men's and women's casual wear, riding gear and western wear.  Bellows Leather specializes in the tough to fit whether short n wide or big and tall.  When you leave Bellows, it is as if it was grown just for you.
"We are here to cater to those people that are one of many, not to those that are many of one.  Those that want to stand apart from corporate labels and brands and have their clothes fit and feel amazing because other wise why bother to dress at all.

Bragging rights

We have outlasted TW Rounds, Wilson's and countless other competitors for one reason. Our level of service is second to none, we are not minimum wage drones pushing product. We are steadfast in knowledge and experience to provide you the best possible solution to your given situation. Custom work at Bellows Leather is a convergence of skill and intellect interconnecting with craftsmanship.